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Academic Achievement, Personal Responsibility, and Community Pride
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Who We Are

Kensington Football serves a mulitplex of historic public high schools in the city of
Philadelphia with student populations over 1,500 at four different Kensington High School
locations. Our football program is also open to Charter school students who live in the area.

As we enter our third season, we are reaching out to you to help grow our program. Our students come from a high poverty, high crime area and 90% are below the poverty level receiving free breakfast
each day.

Our population is very diverse; 32.5% African American, 55% Latino, 11% White, 2.5%
Asian/Arab American. Our students are faced with harsh realities living under extreme conditions.
Our students are faced with life changing decisions on a daily basis.

By helping Kensington Football, you are helping thousands of community members and families
keep the next generations of Philadelphians focused on Academic Achievement, Personal
Responsibility, and Community Pride.

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